Natural skin care
made in Switzerland
Effective natural Dermo-cosmetics

PhytoSuisse – SkinCare

Activates the self-healing powers of the skin

Phytochemist Dr. Emilie Rogg founded the company to treat her daughter’s atopic skin in a natural and sustainable way. Her vision: Help people with skin problems by developing natural dermo-cosmetic products. Inspired by nature, Dr. Rogg has revived a time-honored craft of leveraging plants and their natural active ingredients.

As a specialist for Corneotherapy, which combines cosmetics and dermatology on a scientific basis, Dr. Rogg developed a skin care line to restore the balance of the skin. The product line Prelude supports the function of the skin barrier and improves the interaction of the biological processes of the entire skin as a result.

PhytoSuisse Philosophie

Quality made in Switzerland

PhytoSuisse has very high standards regarding the quality and ingredients of its products. Therefore, all products are absolutely free from any skin- and environmentally harmful substances. The products are therefore free of industrial ingredients like sulfates, parabens, phenoxythanol, methylisothiazolinone, mineral oils, alcohol and PEG, which are all known today as irritants and allergens. With the production in Switzerland, all products are subject to the pharmaceutical standards fulfilling the highest standards for quality and safety.

  • Effectiveness

    Our team of experts develop highly effective formulas on the basis of latest scientific and dermatologic research and progress.

  • Safety

    All products are dermatologically tested (no animal tests), manufactured in Switzerland from natural ingredients and are particularly suitable for sensitive skin of adults, babies and children.

  • Authentic

    Natural dermo-cosmetic is a healthy alternative to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry products.

  • Holistic Concept
  • Product line for body washing and skin care
  • Suitable for people with allergies
  • Prevention as well as relief from skin irritations

Integrated SkinCare

A holistic concept

The combination of innovative, natural active ingredients provides the skin what it needs for self-regeneration. The Corneotherapy has shown that appropriate natural ingredients can achieve clinical level effects if applied consistently.

Integrated SkinCare is based on this approach: Consistent use of natural active ingredients for all products which come in contact with your skin. Therefore, we have developed a skin care line which supports your skin every day and during all seasons: Essential SkinCare with body lotion, face cream, shower gel & shampoo and facial cleansing and hand washing lotion. Depending on the weather and seasonal conditions, your skin needs additional treatment. For such requirements we have developed the dynamic SkinCare line comprising three complementing sera: Winter Complex, Summer Complex and Adventure Complex. They are ideally combined with the basic skin care and can also be applied in acute situations for fast remediation of skin concerns.

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