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for babies & children
Dermocosmetics for delicate skin

Care for sensitive skin

Skincare specific for babies and children

Children and babies need a specific treatment for their skin as its protective function is only fully developed at the age of about 12 years.

For this reason, we have developed a specific skin care line which offers protection, prevention and recovery for babies and children, for any care situation around the year.

Our Dynamic SkinCare products offer a solution for irritated skin during all seasons

Sensitive skin

Characteristics of young skin

Young skin is characterized by special properties and needs. The thin epidermis, the reduced production of sebum and sweat make the skin more sensitive and vulnerable. A weakened hydro lipid film, a weaker skin barrier and changes in the pH of the skin are all typical characteristic of young skin and can lead to dehydration, susceptibility to pathogens and finally to irritations and allergies.

Therefore, it is particularly important to protect the sensitive young skin with natural ingredients.

Typical properties of young skin

Young skin is more vulnerable

Young skin can’t defend itself against “attackers” very well, because it’s natural defenses are not yet fully developed. Increased skin permeability for allergens or radicals, increased implantation of bacteria or increased water evaporation are attributable to a sensitive skin, inflammation, redness, itching and dehydration.

Specifically support young skin

How to help your child

As a general rule: pay particular attention to the skin of your children, because the skin is our protective barrier against the environment. Clean, care and protect your children’s skin with natural ingredients to avoid harmful reaction. Apply a soothing serum if the skin shows signs of stress such as redness, dehydration or itching.


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